Major Requirements - Psychology

Required Courses:
PSY1100 General Psychology (4)
PSY2210 Careers in Psychology (1)*
PSY3380 Brain and Behavior (4)
PSY/SOC3500 Research and Statistical Methods (4)
PSY3520 Experimental Psychology (4)
PSY4700 Contemporary Issues in Psychology (4)
*not required for students in the Adult Degree Completion Program (who are required to complete 36 semester hours)

Two courses from Group A:
PSY2340 Personality (3)
PSY/SOC3450 Social and Applied Psychology (4)
PSY3660 Abnormal Psychology (4)
PSY3350 Child and Adolescent Development (4)
PSY3360 Adult Development and Aging (4)

One course from Group B:
PSY2300 Learning and Motivation (4)
PSY3400 Cognitive Psychology (4)
PSY4200 Sensation and Perception (4)

Selected Courses: 
PSY/SOC3430 Gender, Sexuality and Society (4)
PSY3460 Exceptional Individual (3)
PSY3470 Industrial/Organizational Psychology (3)
PSY3810, 4810 Selected Topics (3 or 4)
PSY3940, 4940 Internship in Psychology (1-3)
PSY4520 Psychological Assessment (3)
PSY4550 Introduction to Clinical and Counseling Psychology (4)
Another 4-hour course from Group A or B list, excluding PSY3250 Lifespan Development.