Minor Requirements — Political Science

Minor in Political Science

20 semester hours

Required Courses: (12 semester hours)

PSC1XXX Introduction to Global Political Issues (4)
PSC3140 Political Participation and the Electoral Process (4)
PSC3XXX Issues in Political Economy


Selected Courses: Choose 10 semester hours from the list below.

PSC3150 The Executive and Legislative Process (4)
Constitutional Law and the Judicial System (4)
PSC/SOC3XXX The Politics of European Integration (4)
PSC/LTS3XXX Contemporary Latin American Politics (4)
PSC/SOC3XXX Theory and Methods of Social Scientific Analysis (4)
SOC/PSC3400 Social Problems and Public Policies (4)
PSC/SOC3480 Globalization and Social Change (4)
HIST/PSC3250 Illinois History and Government (2)
SOC/PSC3XXX Politics of Global Health and Medicine
SOC/PSC4500 Human Rights and Social Justice (4)
PSC/PHL4650 Classical Political Philosophy (4)
PSC/PHL4660 Modern Political Philosophy (4)
PSC3810, 4810 Selected Topics in Political Science (4)
PSC4830 Internship in Political Science (2-4)