Four-Year Plan

Bachelor of Arts
2015-2016 Catalog Year

Download the 2015-2016 Four Year Plan

This 4-Year Plan is only a suggested guide for planning course selections.

Official course selections should be made with the guidance of an academic advisor and will depend on an individual student's situation.
Specific information regarding majors, minors, course descriptions, policies and procedures can be found in the university catalog.

Fall Spring

MTH1100: College Algebra or
MTH1110: Quantitative Reasoning

4 PED2400: Inclusive Physical Education
Characteristics/ID Disability and the Law
ENG1000: Intro to Academic Writing 4 BIO2080: Nutrition and Health Promotion 4
BIO1060: Human Biology 4 HED/IDS1610: Being Human 4
PED2600: Motor Development 2 EDU2260: Learning Theories and Applications 4
PED1510: Foundations of Teaching K-12 PED 2
Total Semester Hours   


Total Semester Hours    16            
IDS2020: Trajectories of Human History or IDS2030: Science and Society 4 IDS2020: Trajectories of Human History or IDS2030: Science and Society 4
SWK2050: Drugs and Human Behavior 4 PED3060: Curriculum Development and Administration in K-12 PED 2
PED2510: K-12 Student Learning Through Fitness Activity 4 HED3300: Planning for Health Education 4
PED1320: Foundations of Dance 1 PED2520: K-12 Student Learning Through Sport Activity 4
HED3260: Strategies in Health Promotion 4
PED3025: Enhancing Cultural Awareness Through Dance
Total Semester Hours    17       Total Semester Hours    16       
PSY3350: Child and Adolescent Development 4 SPED3620: Language Development and Diversity 4
*PED3000: Integrated Approach to Teaching K-5 PED 4 *HED4300: Methods in Health Education 4
PED/HED3215: Kinesiology for PED and Coaching 4 PED3050: Integrated Approach to Teaching 6-12 PED 4
PED3150: Assessing Student Learning in K-12 PED 4 PED3230: Physiology of Exercise for PED and Coaching 4
Total Semester Hours    16    Total Semester Hours    16
IDS3040: Global Justice 4

*EDU4750: Student Teaching

EDU3720: Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum 4 PED4760: Student Teaching Seminar 2
EDU3440 Middle School Methods 4
SPED3750: Prosocial and Problem Behaviors 4 (Senior Capstone 6-student teaching; 2 seminar) * First Aid/CPR must be done to teach
PED2300: Coaching Principles and Techniques – online (required to coach at secondary level in IL)
Total Semester Hours    16 Total Semester Hours    12

Major Notes

  • Courses in bold must be taken during the semester indicated.
  • Courses in italics have a prerequisite.
  • * Indicates the course must be applied for 1 year in advance

General Notes

  • Students must complete 30 semester hours at the 3000 level or above, of which 15 semester hours must be completed at Aurora University.
  • The last 24 semester hours of degree must be completed at AU, including at least 18 semester hours in the major.
If you have questions about this major, contact Kris Johnson in the Crouse Center for Student Success at (630) 844-6870.