Major Requirements - Physical Education

Physical Education Required Core Courses: 9 semester hours
PED3215 Kinesiology for Physical Education and Coaching (3)
PED3230WI Physiology of Exercise for Physical Education and Coaching (3)
PED4100-01 Administration of Physical Education (3)

Special Teaching Licensure K-12 Major
Professional Core Courses for Teaching: 27-30 semester hours
PED1510 Foundations of Teaching K-12 Physical Education (2)
PED2080 First Aid (1) or current American Red Cross First Aid/CPR card on file
PED2300 Coaching Principles and Techniques (2) or current online certificate on file
PED2515 Prosocial Behavior in K-12 Physical Education (2)
PED2520 K-12 Student Learning through Sport Activities (3)
PED2600 Motor Development (3)
PED3000 An Integrated Approach to Teaching K-5 Physical Education (3)
PED3025 Enhancing Cultural Awareness through Dance (3)
PED3050 An Integrated Approach to Teaching 6-12 Physical Education (3)
PED3150 Assessing Student Learning in K-12 Physical Education (3)
PED4760 Student Teaching Seminar for Physical Education K-12 (2)

Education Core Courses:  37 semester hours
EDU2100 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (4)
SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)
EDU2260 Learning Theories and Application (4)
EDU3440 Middle Schools Mission and Methods (4)
EDU3720 Reading and Writing across the Curriculum (4)
SPED3760 Functional Behavior Assessments (3) 
SPED3820 Language Development and Diversity (3)
SPED3850 Assistive Technology (1)
EDU4750 Student Teaching Internship (10)

Required Minor in Health Education: 18 semester hours
HED1500 Health Behaviors and Social Responsibility (3)
HED/IDS2000 Cultural Implications of Health Issues (3)
HED2300 Planning for Health Education (3)
HED3100 Emotional Aspects of Health Education (2)
HED3200 Resources and Assessment in Health Education (2)
HED3500 School/Community Partnerships in Health Promotion (2)
HED4100 Curriculum Development in Health Education (3)

NOTE: These courses may be used to fulfill General Education degree requirements.
BIO1060 Human Biology (4)
ENG1030 English Composition (4)
PSY3350 Child and Adolescent Psychology (4) (required for Middle School endorsement)