Course Descriptions — Organizational Management

BUS3010 Dynamics of Leading Organizations (3 semester hours)
An analysis of the development of various leadership theories and the practice of leadership. Topics include leadership, motivation, groups, and influence. The concept of transformational leadership, contrasted with transactional leadership, is stressed. Students analyze case examples from organizations, practice leadership roles in class, and apply their knowledge in a course project. (Spring)
Prerequisite: BUS3200.

BUS3250 Human Resource Management (3 semester hours)
This course is a detailed study of the theories, principles, and practices of employ­ing, organizing, and leading people. Emphasis is placed on recent research in communication, leadership and supervision, motivation, organizational behav­ior, appraisal, development, compensation, and other traditional functions of staff personnel and development departments.
Prerequisite: BUS3200.

BUS3280 Organizational Behavior (3 semester hours)
A study of the social and psychological factors that influence the management of groups and individuals in work settings. Topics include communication, leader­ship, decision-making, power, politics, and job design.
No prerequisites.

BUS4200 Management Strategy (3 semester hours)
This course is designed to integrate the various functional areas of management, including human resource management, organizational behavior, operations management and leadership in order to comprehensively develop mid- and long­term strategic direction. Students will develop a framework of analysis to enable them to identify central strategic issues and problems. They will also have the ability to analyze and evaluate the performance of the people responsible for strategic decisions.
Prerequisite: BUS3200.

BUS4230 Operations Management (3 semester hours)
Recent developments in both manufacturing and service industries have empha­sized the importance of operations excellence in achieving and maintaining com­petitive advantage. This course strikes a balance between the qualitative (behavioral) aspects of operations management and the increasingly important quantitative or technological aspects. The course considers important advances in designing operating systems, managing the supply chain, and ensuring quality. (Fall)
Prerequisites: MTH1120, MTH2320, BUS3200.