Course Descriptions — Museum Studies

MST1110 Introduction to Museum Studies 4 semester hours
This course serves as a broad introduction to the world of museums, including the historical origins, development, philosophy, purposes and administrative structure of the various types of museums (e.g., art, history, natural history, science, culturally specific etc.) Students will investigate the variety of jobs and responsibilities that museum professionals hold, such as collection management, conservation, exhibition development, research and museum education. Students will examine the ethical, moral and legal responsibilities of museums. The course includes lectures, discussion, guest speakers and field trips.
Meets General Education “Knowing Ourselves and Others” Group B requirement ( for students entering Aurora University prior to Summer 2014).

MST2200 Museum Exhibitions 4 semester hours
This course will explore the many facets of exhibit production, including conceptualization, planning, design, interpretation, themes, educational goals, implementation and project management with an emphasis on problem solving and creativity. This class will create an original exhibition in the Schingoethe Museum.
Prerequisite: MST1110.

MST2250 Museum Methods 4 semester hours
Students will be introduced to the development and care of a museum’s collection, including registration methods (i.e., accessioning, deaccessioning, marking, storing, records keeping) and conservation issues and methods. Ethical and legal issues, including NAGPRA, will be covered. Through hands-on experience, students will analyze an artifact and take it through these processes, from donation to storage.
Prerequisite: MST1110.

MST2300 Museum Education 4 semester hours
This course is designed to introduce students to the basic components of teaching and learning in museums, with an emphasis on application. Topics include
types of museum education, tour techniques, history and current trends, public programming, museum-school services, object-based learning and development of educational materials. Assessment materials for a variety of audiences will be developed by course participants. The course will include lectures, field trips, individual projects and practicum.
Prerequisite: MST1110.

MST3940 Internship in Museum Studies 4 semester hours
This internship is in collaboration with the Schingoethe Center/Jenks Collection or area museums. Student, appropriate museum staff and faculty members designate a project for the intern.
Prerequisite: Declared museum studies minor.