Jonathan Dean, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Religion
photoFellow of the Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action

Office Location: 430 South Evanslawn Ave.
Telephone: 630-844-6866
Fax: 630-844-5151
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A native of the U.K., I've been in the Chicago area since 2006, working as a United Methodist pastor and serving as adjunct faculty at AU.  Before that, I taught in the Cambridge Theological Federation, served local churches, and was a prison chaplain.  As a historian of religion, I believe firmly in the ability of ancient creeds and insights to shape our responses to current needs with compassion, wisdom and creativity.  In our own diverse community at AU, I work with other Wackerlin Center staff to encourage inclusivity, facilitate dialog and understanding, and enable shared action for justice and peace.

Ph.D. Reformation History - Cambridge University, England
M.A. Theology and Religious Studies - Cambridge University, England
M.A. Classical Languages, History and Literature - Oxford University, England

Areas of Specialization
Church History, especially the Reformation and 18th Century
Mysticism in world religions
European history and culture
Religious faith and public discourse and policy

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions:

Book: Servitude and Freedom: Reading the Christian Tradition (Epworth Press, London, 2009)

Book: Thomas Cranmer, in Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology (London: Canterbury Press, forthcoming)

‘A Biblical Faith', in Methodist Present Potential (London: Epworth Press, 2009)

‘Mystics and Pharisees: The 2007 Fernley Hartley Lecture', in Epworth Review 34:4, 2007

‘Spontaneity, Tradition and Renewal', in Unmasking Methodist Theology (London: Continuum, 2004)

Other Interests
Reading, especially biography, fiction and poetry
Classical music
Cooking for family and friends
Walking, especially in Chicago and around Lake Michigan
Drinking caffeine in various guises