What Can You Do with a Major in History?

For the student who is interested in history as a major but who does not plan to teach, there are a number of alternatives. Students of history develop skills and perspectives (basic research and perhaps statistical skills, the ability to place prob­lems within a broader context, the ability to deal effectively with questions of cause and effect, etc.) that can be widely applied in fields outside the classroom. Liberal arts students with a history concentration may find satisfying career opportunities in such fields as historical administration, historical editing, museum and archival work, government, communications, publishing, law, banking, market research, advertising, and the travel industry.

Recent AU Graduates
Family Owned Business
Graduate School
Law School
National Archives
Secondary Education

AU's Archives or Jenks Collection
Aurora Preservation Commission
Blackberry or Garfield Historical Farms
Chicago Architectural Foundation
Historical Societies
Intern for a current politician
Library of Congress (DC)
Museum of Black History (Chicago)
Political Campaigns
Regional Branch of national Archives
Smithsonian (DC)

Admissions Counselor
Advertising Executive
Civil Service
Entry Level management
Foreign Service Officer
Historic Preservation
Historical Society
Human Resources
Museum Staff
Political Campaign Advisor
Public Relations Staffer
Secondary or College Teaching
Speech Writer
Staff Historian for any Governmental Agency
Staff Writer/Author