Major Requirements - Health Science

Division I: Science Core Program: 27 or 28 semester hours
BIO1210 Biology of Cells (4)
BIO3080 Nutrition and Health Promotion (4)
CHM1310 General Chemistry I (4)
CHM1320 General Chemistry II (4)
MTH2120 Calculus for Management and Sciences (3)
MTH2210 Calculus I (4)
MTH2700 Statistics for Research (3)
PHY2210 General Physics I (4)
PHY2220 General Physics II (4)

Division II: Required Courses: 25 semester hours
BIO2660 Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIO2670 Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
BIO2750 Health Professions Seminar (2) 
BIO3400 Genetics (4)
CHM2410 Organic Chemistry I (4)
CHM2420 Organic Chemistry II (4)
NSM4990 Senior Capstone in Natural Sciences (3)

Division III: Selected Courses: Choose 12 semester hours from the following:
BIO2280 Microbiology (4)
BIO3040 Immunology (4)
BIO3050 Pathophysiology (3)*
BIO3250 Vertebrate Biology (4)
BIO3260 Comparative Botany (4)
BIO3360 Biogerontology (4)*
BIO3370 Conservation Biology (4)
BIO3380 Ethics in Biotechnology (3)
BIO3450 Advanced Cell Biology (4)*
BIO3510 Ecology (4)*
BIO3520 Animal Behavior (3)
BIO3530 Evolution (4)
BIO/CHM3550 Biochemistry (3)
BIO3600 Molecular Biology (3)
BIO3790 ACCA Affiliated Course (2-4)
BIO3810/4810 Selected Topic (2-4)
BIO3940/4940 Internship in Biology (2-4)
BIO3970 Research in Biology (1-4)
BIO4980 Independent Study (1-4)

* Students who are pre-veterinary are strongly encouraged to consider these courses as part of their selected courses.