Course Descriptions: French

FRN1120 Elementary French 4 semester hours
The fundamentals of French grammar will be taught with an emphasis on the active use of the language in all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students will begin to develop a basic French vocabulary and to read simple French texts as well as learn cultural components of various French-speaking countries.
Meets General Education “Knowing Ourselves and Others” Group B requirement (for students entering Aurora University prior to Summer 2014).

FRN1220 Elementary French II 4 semester hours
Students will extend their use of their French language skills as they continue their understanding of French grammar, vocabulary, conversation, reading, composition and cultural knowledge.
Prerequisite: FRN1120 or consent of instructor.

FRN2200 Intermediate French 4 semester hours
This course is a continuation of FRN1220 with emphasis on developing facility in oral and written expression. The course will introduce more advanced French grammar topics that students will incorporate into their production of the language as well as their comprehension of spoken and written French. Authentic French media and primary texts from around the French-speaking world will also be central to students’ learning.
Prerequisite: FRN1220 or consent of instructor.

FRN2500 French Composition and Conversation 4 semester hours
Emphasis in this course will be on expanding the students’ abilities to more complex and sophisticated patterns of both written and oral expression in French. Attention will be given to French language patterns, dialects and accents, pronunciation and syntax as well as sentence structure and the incorporation of advanced grammar. Authentic primary texts, Francophone literature and media will be incorporated into the course discussions and activities.
Prerequisite: FRN2200 or consent of instructor.

FRN3700 Survey of Francophone Literature 4 semester hours
Students in this course will learn about the major trends and literary thoughts of several time periods in Francophone literature. Primary texts, including poetry, theater, short stories or the novel, will be included. This course will serve as an introduction to interpretive reading of French texts and will include discussions on literary criticism and critical terminology. Students will read the selected works in French and participate in class discussions, analyses and written assignments pertinent to the reading selections. All these activities will be conducted in French.
Prerequisite: FRN2500 or consent of instructor.