Learning Outcomes — Fitness and Health Promotion

  • Understanding of the components of wellness and the nutritional aspects of health and ability to provide guidance and resources as needed to members of the community in their field and internship experiences.
  • Understanding of the various levels of exercise prescription and expertise to plan, implement, document, and evaluate the effectiveness of a prescribed exercise program.
  • Proficiency in assessment of exercise prescription through various laboratory experiences for all client ability levels including low-to moderate-risk individuals, individuals with controlled diseases, and individuals in special populations.
  • Ability to plan, implement, document, and evaluate the elements of exercise in rehabilitation and reconditioning programs for athletes and clients involved in health programs.
  • Experience in how to establish, administer, manage and promote an integrative health and wellness facility.
  • Appreciation for professional responsibilities, avenues of professional development, and business responsibilities.
  • Ability to demonstrate competence in graded exercise testing, exercise prescription, exercise leadership, emergency procedures, patient counseling, and health education for individuals with cardiovascular, pulmonary, and/or metabolic diseases.
  • Proficiency in the design and implementation of safe and effective strength and conditioning programs.