Four-Year Plan

Bachelor of Science
2013-2014 Catalog

Download the 2013-2014 Four Year Plan

This 4-Year Plan is only a suggested guide for planning course selections.

Official course selections should be made with the guidance of an academic advisor and will depend on an individual student's situation.
Specific information regarding majors, minors, course descriptions, policies and procedures can be found in the university catalog.

Fall Spring
ENG1000: Introduction to Academic Writing 4 IDS1600: Culture, Diversity and Expression 4
MTH1100: College Algebra 3
General Education Course (AP, KO) 4
General Education (AP, KO) 4 PED2500: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3
BIO1210: Biology of Cells (OWN) 4
PED2080: First Aid/CPR 2
PED1410: CV Training Inside & Out 2 CHM1200: Principles of Chemistry (ONW) 4

Total Semester Hours     17 Total Semester Hours     17
ENG2010: Introduction to Academic Writing 4 IDS2000: Wellness and Social Responsibility 4
BIO2660: Anatomy and Physiology I 4 ACC2020: Management Accounting 3
PED2510: K-12 Student Lrn through Fit. Act. 3 BIO2670: Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BUS1020: Foundations of Management 3 PED3210: Kinesiology for ATR, Fitness & Health Science 3
PED2250: Intro. to Fitness & Health Promotion 2
Total Semester Hours     15 Total Semester Hours     14
MIT3220: Management Information Systems 3 BIO3080: Nutrition and Health Promotion (ONW) 4
MTH2320: General Statistics 3
PED3250: Exercise Principles & Assessment  4
General Education Course (AP, KO) 4 PED3225WI: Phy of Ex for ATR, Fit. & HS 3

PED1420: Step and Train

2 PED4370: Facilities and Special Events 3
Elective 4
PED2550: Advanced Strength Training & Cond 3

Total Semester Hours     16 Total Semester Hours     17
ECN2030: Principles of Economics

PED4250: Internship

MKT2030: Principles of Marketing

PED3300: Fitness Instructor Preparation
PED4110: Admin. of Coach, & FHP

General Education (AP, KO)

Total Semester Hours     12


  • Students must complete 30 semester hours at the 3000 level or above, of which 15 semester hours must be completed at Aurora University.
  • Last 24 semester hours of degree must be completed at Aurora University, including at least 18 semester hours in the major.
  • WI indicates the required 3000-level Writing Intensive course for the major.
  • General Education abbreviations:
    • KO = Knowing Ourselves and Others A and B
    • ONW = Our Natural World
    • AP = Aesthetic and Philosophical Expression A and B
  • Courses in bold must be taken during the year and semester indicated
If you have questions about this major, contact the Crouse Center for Student Success at 630-844-6870.