Course Descriptions — Finance

FIN3400 Principles of Finance 4 semester hours
This course introduces students to financial markets; time value of money; risk and return; market valuation of securities; capital budgeting, capital structure, and the fundamentals of international finance.
Prerequisites: ACC2020; ECN2030; MTH2320.

FIN3450 Personal Financial Management 4 semester hours
This course will examine the personal financial planning process. Topics will include client interactions, time value of money applications, personal financial statements, cash flow and debt management, asset acquisition, education planning, an overview of risk management, investment planning and retirement planning, ethics, and the business of financial planning. The course is based on the model financial planning curriculum of the Academy of Financial Services and the Certified Financial Planning Board.
Prerequisite: FIN3400.

FIN3480 Financial Markets and Institutions 4 semester hours
This course will examine the types and functions of financial institutions and the operation of financial markets. Specifically, it will study how fluctuating economic and government forces, such as the Federal Reserve and SEC, influence money and capital markets.
Prerequisite: ECN2030.

FIN3560 International Finance 4 semester hours
This course is a comprehensive study of international finance reflecting the growing importance of global business in an integrated world economy. The curriculum will emphasize international financial basics from a managerial prospective. Key concepts for the student will be the understanding and managing of foreign exchange and political risk, corporate governance, balance of payments issues, international banking and the money market, multinational cash management, foreign direct investment, the Foreign Exchange Market, the International Monetary System, transaction exposure, translation exposure, foreign direct investment and international commercial terms.
Prerequisite: FIN3400.

FIN3940 Finance Internship 4 semester hours
Students will have the opportunity to embark on new business-related experiential learning opportunities through the use of general elective business internships. Students will work with a faculty coordinator to identify an organization where they can gain pragmatic finance skills. Specific new learning objectives will be set and agreed upon by the student, site coordinator and faculty member.
Prerequisite: Determined by faculty sponsor.

FIN4250 Investments and Portfolio Management 4 semester hours
Investing within the context of an overall portfolio management approach is the focus of this course. Principal emphasis of the course is given to the risk and investment characteristics of asset classes rather than individual security selection. The course will cover the risk and return of general investment strategies, the operation and mechanics of the securities markets, and the evaluation of debt and equity securities within the context of portfolio objectives. Derivative securities, such as options and futures contracts, will be introduced.
Prerequisite: FIN3400.

FIN4430 Advanced Corporate Finance 4 semester hours
The objective of this course is to provide an in-depth treatment of the major decision-making areas of managerial finance and some selected topics in financial theory. This course serves as a complement and supplement to FIN3400. Topics will include estimation of the cost of capital, financial leverage, dividend policy, capital budgeting techniques, working capital, short-term and long-term financing, and equity and debt financing in mergers and consolidations.
Prerequisite: FIN3400.