Major Requirements - English

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Core Requirements: 20 semester hours
One genre course: ENG2200; ENG/THE2220 or ENG2240 (4)
     Note: Creative writing students should take ENG2200 or ENG 2240.
One American Literature course: ENG3320; ENG3350 or ENG3370 (4)
     Note: Creative writing students should take ENG3370.
One British literature course: ENG3400; ENG3420; ENG3440 or ENG3460 (4)
One course in literature outside the Anglo-American canon: ENG3200; ENG3500; ENG 3510 or ENG3520 (4)
One capstone course: ENG4990 (4)

English majors will also select one of three tracks within the program to complete requirements for the degree.

General Studies Emphasis: 20 semester hours
One language course (4)
ENG2100 Linguistics; ENG3100 Stylistics; or ENG3550 Language, Literacy and Cognition
One writing course (4) ENG2060 Introduction to Creative Writing, ENG2400 Grammar and Composition for Teachers or ENG3020 Advanced Academic Writing
One course in literary criticism (4) ENG2260 Critical Approaches to Literature
Eight additional hours of ENG courses, excluding ENG1000; ENG1060; ENG2010 and ENG/EDU3180

Creative Writing Emphasis: 20 semester hours
ENG2060 Introduction to Creative Writing (4)
ENG3060 Intermediate Fiction Writing (4)
ENG3100 Stylistics (4)
ENG3240 Intermediate Poetry Writing (4)
ENG4060 Advanced Creative Writing (4)

Secondary Education Licensure Emphasis: 18 semester hours*
ENG2260 Critical Approaches to Literature (4)
ENG2400 Grammar and Composition for Teachers (4)
ENG3190 Multicultural Young Adult Literature (2)
ENG3550 Language, Literacy, and Cognition (4)
ENG3820 Secondary Methods in English (4)
Note: Secondary education candidates will also complete the supplemental major in secondary education.