Major Requirements - Elementary Education

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Required Elementary Education Courses: 75 semester hours
EDU2100 Foundations of Teaching and Learning (4)
EDU2260 Learning Theories and Application K–12 (4)
EDU2300 Technology for Teachers (4)
EDU3330 Science Inquiry Methods (4)
EDU3350 Democracy, Diversity and Social Justice for Teachers (4)
EDU3355 Assessment (4)
EDU3360 Mathematics Methods (4)
EDU3365 Reading/Language Arts in Primary Grades (4)
EDU3380 Reading/Language Arts for Intermediate/Middle School (4)
EDU3420 Fine Arts Methods (2)
EDU3500 Physical Education Methods (2)
EDU/SPED3510 Diverse Teaching/ELL/SPED (4)
EDU4750 Student Teaching (13)
EDU4760 Student Teaching Seminar/Capstone (2)
SPED2120 Characteristics and Identification of Disabilities and the Law (4)
SPED/EDU3610 Linguistics for Teaching English Language Learners (4)
SPED3750 Prosocial Skills and Challenging Behaviors (4)
SPED4620 Collaboration Models for Inclusion (4)

Areas of Endorsement/Minor:
The following are acceptable areas of endorsement/minor:
Art, biology, English, English language arts, ESL/bilingual, health education, general science, history, mathematics, middle school science, music, physical science, political science, social studies, sociology, Spanish, theatre, special education, and others approved by the student’s advisor. The Crouse Center can provide advisement about requirements for endorsements or specific minors.

It is strongly advised candidates take the required coursework necessary for an ESL/Bilingual and/or special education endorsement to make them more marketable and more highly qualified. The Crouse Center can provide advisement about specific requirements for endorsements.

Courses Required for Professional Educator License Elementary Education: 89-95 semester hours
The requirements of the State of Illinois for licensure in elementary education (K–9) are outcome based. Our program consists of a series of courses that enable candidates to meet the required outcomes. The outcomes of these courses are aligned with both the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IPTS) and the Association of Childhood Education International (ACEI) standards. These outcomes are met not only in Aurora University’s education courses, but also in many of the courses required to meet Aurora University’s General Education requirements. In meeting the requirements of licensure, candidates also meet the requirements of General Education. The following courses are required to meet these outcomes:

6 semester hours in English
A course in English composition (4)
ENG1030 Grammar (2)

12 semester hours in mathematics
MTH1210 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I (4)
MTH1220 Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II (4)
Students who have completed course equivalents to MTH1210 and MTH1220 will also need to take a course equivalent to MTH1100 or demonstrate competency through examination.
NSM2500 Integrated Mathematics and Science for Teachers (4)

12 semester hours in social sciences
HIS1210 American History II (4)
IDS2020 Trajectories of Human History (4)
IDS3040 Global Justice (4)

16 semester hours in science
NSM1400 Earth and Space Science (4)
IDS2030 Science and Society (4)
BIO1150 Life Science for Teachers (4)
NSM2500 Integrated Math and Science for Teachers (4)

Note: For those individuals seeking a middle school endorsement, completion of EDU3440 Middle School Missions and Methods (4) and PSY3350 Child and Adolescent Psychology (4) are required.This option is only available for teacher candidates who complete all elementary education program and middle school endorsement requirements prior to December 31, 2017.

Elective Courses: Among the courses that may be taken as electives are:
EDU2750 Clinical Immersion in Elementary Education II (1)
EDU3180 Multicultural Literature for Children (2)
EDU3190 Multicultural Literature for Young Adults (2)
EDU3440 Middle School Mission and Methods (4)
EDU3750 Clinical Immersion in Elementary Education III (1)
EDU3751 Clinical Immersion in Elementary Education IV (1)
EDU4360 Methods of Teaching Math: Middle School (3)
PSY3350 Child and Adolescent Psychology (4)

Note: "Students in the Elementary Education program (graduating after September 2017) are required to show proficiency in Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) College Algebra and Statistics standards."