Important Information for Pre-Teachers

Pre-Teaching is not Student Teaching.  Pre-Teaching is the name of the first of  three required  field experiences. This field experience is for undergraduate, English, Mathematics, History or Biology majors earning a supplemental major for teaching licensure.

Application Due Dates

  • The teacher candidate should apply for his/her placement one year before the semester of the field experience, or as soon as a transfer student completes his/her program of study.
  • For fall semester, applications are due November 15th. Example: Placement desired for Fall 2016 - applications are due November 15, 2015.
  • For spring semester, applications are due January 30th. Example: Placement desired for Spring 2017, applications are due January 30, 2016.
  • The pre-teaching field experience is available either fall or spring semester.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Accepted for Admission to the School of Education (includes Application, completion of Criminal Background Fingerprint Check and National Sex Offender Check, and negative TB test)
  • Receive a passing score on the state Basic Skills Test or Test of Academic Proficiency or allowable ACT plus writing or SAT the semester before the application. The link for the Illinois Certification Testing is
  • Meet all GPA requirements of your program before the semester of your placement.  Speak with your advisor at the Crouse Center for more information.
  • From time to time, program requirements may be updated to comply with changing legislation.  Notice of changes is posted to our Moodle board (see below). Join our Moodle board and/or check the “News Forum” section each semester.

Important Items to Note

  • Teacher candidates may not approach school district personnel to seek a placement.  Aurora University and school districts have agreements that specifically prohibit teacher candidates from arranging their own placements! Teacher candidates who try to seek their own placement may be denied a placement.
  • Submitting an application for a placement does not enroll you in the associated course. You still need to enroll using the procedure for your program.
  • Enrolling in a course still requires submitting an Application for a field experiences placement according to the due dates shown above. 
  • The Office of Field Experiences will send email communications to your AU email account.  These emails may be sent by, & and Consider building an email filter to highlight these senders or periodically search for email from these accounts so you do not miss important communications.


Through the Aurora University website, join the Moodle board titled Professional Educator Licensure Program: General Placements & Field Experiences Information Board.    No enrollment key is needed to join this board, simply use your AU email login information. Members have access to:

  • detailed information about placement requirements
  • notification when application receipts, status notices and placement notices are issued
  • course manuals and other resources
  • dates for the mandatory orientation events for each semester
  • Master Calendar for placement experiences each semester

Application Forms

The application forms are located on the Aurora University website. Under the Academics tab, choose the School of Education webpage and then select "Field Experience Applications".

Completed applications are to be attached to an email sent from your AU email account to:   Applications are only accepted as email attachments.  NO PAPER COPIES WILL BE ACCEPTED!

There are two clinical placement personnel in the Office of Field Experiences to answer any questions about the application. They are:

The Placement Process

You will receive an automatic confirmation when you submit your application by email. Save this confirmation and a copy of your sent email.

Approximately three months after the application due date, a  general notice will be posted to all Moodle members that status notices have been issued to each applicant’s AU email account from  All applicants will receive a status notice.  Please contact the Office of Field Experiences if you do not receive your status notice at this time.

Review your status notice promptly.  It reflects the current status of your application and lists some of the outstanding requirements you must complete before your placement.  Contact us immediately if anything disagrees with your records.  Complete any missing requirements as soon as possible.

Placement notices are issued just prior to the start of the placement semester. They contain both orientation and placement information.

As your placement semester approaches, you can also check Moodle for the date of your mandatory orientation event. During this meeting, you will receive an overview of the experience; meet your university supervisor; and find out about the expectations of this experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the dual-placement option?

The dual-placement option is available in the fall semester only.  It allows students to complete their pre-teaching and methods field experiences in the same semester at the same placement site.  There is a special application form for the dual placement.  Please be aware that you will need to spend 100 hours in your school placement site over the 16-week semester.  Please contact your advisor to determine if this option might work for you.

2. I have not received my placement! Everyone else has...

Some teacher candidates may know about their placement earlier than others because cooperating teachers or districts may request interviews prior to placement confirmation.  Announcements of placement notices are posted to Moodle.  Begin checking Moodle the week before the beginning of the semester, and if you do not receive your notice on the posted date, please contact the Office of Field Experiences either by email at or at 630-844-4642 or 630-844-3824.

3. How is my placement determined?

Aurora University has established agreements with school districts in the area. These schools are considered for placements first. Other considerations are the quality experiences offered by the school, the willingness of teachers, the availability of university supervisors, and the distance from the teacher candidate's residence.

4. Is there a required orientation?

During the first week of classes at Aurora University, there is a mandatory orientation to explain the parameters of the field experience.  You will meet your university supervisor.  The date and time of this event will be available on our Moodle information board and will be included in your placement notice.

5. May I appeal my placement?

There is an appeal process. You can access the appeal process information here. There is a limited amount of time to appeal your placement.

6. Will transportation be provided?

You must have your own transportation to the school site or make arrangements to get to your school site. Every attempt is made for those living in the dormitories to have sites that are close to transportation.