Minor - Strategic Communication - Public Relations and Advertising

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program. Please contact the Office of Admission at 630-844-5533 or admission@aurora.edu for additional information.

Minor in Strategic Communication:  Public Relations and Advertising  20 semester hours 

A minor in strategic communication: public relations and advertising offers an integrated approach to traditionally separate programs in public relations and advertising. Students complete this minor balancing theory and practice to create and deliver messages targeted to a wide array of audiences: media, employees, customers, legislators, investors and the community. This program serves well as a complement to degrees in English, political science, psychology, history, business and marketing. The minor helps to prepare students for careers in public relations, advertising or corporate communications.  

Required Courses: 

  • COM2240 Public Relations (4) or COM2250 Advertising (4)
  • COM3245 Strategic Writing and Production (4)
  • COM4240 Strategic Campaigns (4) 

Elective Courses*(select two): 

  • BUS3280 Organizational Behavior (4)
  • COM3000 Navigating Organizations (4)
  • COM3810 Special Topics in Communication (4)** 
  • COM4100 Communication Research (4)
  • COM4940 Communication Internship (4)** 
  • MKT3350 Consumer Behavior (4) 
  • MKT3370 Integrated Marketing Communication (4) 
  • MKT3610 Internet Marketing (4) 
  • MKT4610 Social Media Marketing (4) 

*Communication or media studies majors must select two unique electives not already used to fulfill the requirements of the major or another minor. 

**To be eligible for the minor, this course requires approval of course/internship content as relevant to minor.