Minor - Speech Communication

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program. Please contact the Office of Admission at 630-844-5533 or admission@aurora.edu for additional information.

Minor in Speech Communication:  20 semester hours 

Speech communication is a very flexible and adaptable minor that works well in combination with majors such as theatre, English, history, political science, business and education. 

To receive a minor in speech communication, a student must complete 20 semester hours of the following courses:  

Required Courses: 

  • COM1550 Professional Communication (4)  
  • COM2250 Human Relationships & Interactions (4)  
  • COM3200 Persuasion and Consumer Culture (4)  

Elective Courses* (select two): 

  • COM3000 Navigating Organizations (4) 
  • COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4) 
  • COM3810 Special Topics in Communication (4) 
  • COM4100 Communication Research (4) 
  • COM4940 Communication Internship (4)** 
  • THE1200 Introduction to Theatre (4) 
  • THE1300 Acting I (4) 

*Communication or media studies majors must select two unique electives not already used to fulfill the requirements of the major or another minor.

**To be eligible for the minor, this course requires approval of course/internship content as relevant to minor.