Matt Kneller, EdD

Matt KnellerAssistant Professor of Communication
Office Location: DUNH004
Phone Number: 630-844-5466
Email Address:

Teaching Philosophy
I emphasize problem-solving as the key vehicle for learning, and I try to make the problems authentic. I also attempt to make the content of my courses personally relevant to students, by connecting it to their interests and building connections to the students’ lives and future plans. I look for opportunities to engage the students in creativity and personal expression, and I work to make the classroom a fun, dynamic environment.

Doctor of Education, Northern Illinois University
Master of Arts in Communication, Northern Illinois University
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Communication, Aurora University

Areas of Specialization
Broadcast Media Production
Documentary Film Production
Comics and Graphic Novels

Courses Taught
COM2150 Human Relationships and Interactions
COM3310 Media Criticism; COM3700 Broadcast Media Production
COM3710 Screenwriting and Cinema Production
COM4996 Media Production Seminar

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions
Executive Board, Midwestern Popular Culture Association

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Faculty Adviser to AU Spartan Media (student TV/Radio)
Assistant Director of Assessment