Major Requirements

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program. Please contact the Office of Admission at 630-844-5533 or for additional information.

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Major in Communication (BA)

With effective communication and writing skills in high demand in nearly every aspect of the modern economy, a degree in communication offers career versatility for those who choose it as a major or minor. The Aurora University communication program focuses on the core competencies of public speaking and oral communication, professional and academic writing, media production, academic research, and knowledge of communication theory. Students have the opportunity to take a selection of elective courses that will prepare them for careers in public relations, advertising, strategic or corporate communications, human relations and other fields. This degree also prepares students for graduate study in any area of communication.

Communication coursework is grounded in a liberal-arts tradition while also offering courses that give students real-world skills and experiences. Students may spend one term working on a team to create a social media strategy for a non-profit organization or analyzing the intercultural communication challenges a company would face if expanding operations in another country. Upon completion of the program, students will have demonstrable skills in critical analysis, persuasive theory, and academic research as well as professional writing, project management and organizational leadership.  Students also have the option to complete an internship with one of the many professional or nonprofit organizations in the Chicago area.

The program culminates in an intensive senior experience that gives students change to plan and implement a year-long communication project in their area of study. 

Communication Major Requirements: 40 semester hours  

Students must complete 40 semester hours of communication major-approved courses. Students are required to complete 20 semester hours of core communication courses and 20 semester hours of communication-approved electives.  

Communication Core Requirements: 20 semester hours 

All communication majors are required to complete the following courses:   

  • COM1550 Professional Communication (4)  
  • COM2150 Human Relationships and Interactions (4)  
  • COM2200 Writing for Communication (4) 
  • COM2850 Visual Communication (4) 
  • COM3200 Persuasion and Consumer Culture (4)  

Communication Elective Requirements*: 12 semester hours Students must complete three (3) of the following elective courses: 

  • COM2300 The Art of Film (4) 
  • COM2240 Public Relations (4) 
  • COM2250 Advertising (4) 
  • COM3000 Navigating Organizations (4) 
  • COM3140 Multimedia Journalism (4) 
  • COM3240 Strategic Writing and Production (4) 
  • COM3250 Digital Design (4) 
  • COM3500 Intercultural Communication (4) 
  • COM3810 Special Topics in Communication (4) 
  • COM4100 Communication Research (4) 
  • COM4240 Strategic Campaigns (4) 
  • COM4940 Communication Internship (4) 

* Students double majoring in communication and media studies cannot use the same three electives to meet the requirements of both majors. In this case of double majoring, the student is required to have six electives, three unique to each major. In addition to this departmental requirement, Aurora University requires students complete at least 20 semester hours unique to each major, meaning that students must complete at least 60 semester hours in communication and media studies courses to double major in communication and media studies.

Communication Senior Experience:  8 semester hours 

Students must complete the following courses, constituting the Communication Senior Experience:

  • COM4992 Communication Project Planning (2)
  • COM4994 Communication Project Implementation (2) 
  • COM4996 Media Production Seminar (2)
  • COM4998 Media Production Management (2)