Learning Outcomes — Coaching and Youth Sport Development

  • Apply child development principles in advocating for children and youth through social policy decision-making.
  • Apply the cognitive, behavioral, and biological factors having important implications for competitive sport participants from early childhood through high school age during their field and internship experiences.
  • Translate sport science research into practical implications for youth sport coaches, teachers, and administrators through specifically designed course assignments.
  • Examine youth policy as formulated in response to the pressing social needs of youth, as indirect youth work, and as a community's moral compact with its young people.
  • Understand the fundamental theories/issues in sport marketing as they uniquely apply to the sport business industry.
  • Experience how technology is evolving and being utilized within sports marketing.
  • Acquire the American Sport Education Program credential necessary to coach in secondary schools in the state of Illinois.
  • Ability to apply for senior level positions within the YMCA through completion of the secondary major, YMCA Senior Director Certification Program.