Adult Degree Completion Program — Business Administration

The adult completion program in business administration is a fast-paced, year-round program that enables adults who work full-time to earn a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree. Our curriculum challenges you to combine your prior learning, both formal and informal, with theory, concepts and history. The course structure includes working in teams to apply learning to hypothetical and real world challenges.

Classes meet in eight- and 16-week modules, allowing for flexibility in making progress toward your educational goals while managing work and family commitments. Transfer credit from another institution is welcomed.

The Adult Degree Completion Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration major includes:

  • 48 semester hours of accounting, business, communication, economics, finance, management information technology, marketing and mathematics courses
  • Eight semester hours of upper-division business administration courses
The Adult Degree Completion Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major includes:
  • All of the requirements of the bachelor of arts program
  • Eight additional semester hours in operational metrics and business analytics

Program Requirements

Required Business Core: 48 semester hours
BUS1020 Foundations of Management (4)
COM1550 Professional Communication (4)
ACC2010 Principles of Financial Accounting (4)
ACC2020 Principles of Managerial Accounting (4)
ECN2030 Principles of Economics (4)
MKT2300 Principles of Marketing (4)
MTH2320 General Statistics (4)
BUS3280 Organizational Behavior (4)
FIN3400 Principles of Finance (4)
BUS3500 International Business (4)
MIT3520 Advanced Software Applications (4)
BUS4990 Strategy and Business Planning (4)

Selected Courses - Choose two additional courses (8 semester hours)
BUS3020 Dynamics of Leading Organizations (4)
ACC3210 Cost Accounting (4)
BUS3250 Human Resource Management (4)
MKT3350 Consumer Behavior (4)
BUS4200 Not-for-Profit Strategic Management (4)
BUS4230 Operations Management (4)

To earn a BS, the following 8 semester hours are required:
BUS3550 Operational Metrics (4)*
MTH3590 Business Analytics (4)*

The adult degree completion program in business administration is also offered through AU Online.