Minor Requirements — Biology

Minor in Biology

20 semester hours

Required Courses: 8 semester hours

BI01210/1201Z Biology of Cells (4)
BI01220/1220Z Biology of Organisms with laboratory (4)

Selected Courses: Minimum of three courses (12 semester hours)

BIO2280/2280Z Microbiology with laboratory (4)
BIO2300/2300Z Introduction to Zoology with laboratory (4)
BIO2350/2350Z Introduction to Botany with laboratory (4)
BIO2400 Genetics(4)
BIO3150 Invertebrate Zoology (4)
BIO3250 Vertebrate Zoology (4)
BIO3260 Systemic Botany (4)
BIO3510 Ecology (4)
BIO3530 Evolution (4)
BIO3540 Biological Anthropology (4)
BIO3600 Molecular Biology (4)