Major Requirements - Biology

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.


Required Courses (Biology): 23 semester hours
BIO1050 Life Sciences Seminar (1)
BIO1210/1210Z Biology of Cells with laboratory (4)
BIO1220/1220Z Biology of Organisms with laboratory (4)
BIO2300/2300Z Introduction to Zoology with laboratory (4)
BIO2350/2350Z Introduction to Botany with laboratory (4)
BIO2400 Genetics (4)
BIO4990 Senior Capstone in the Biological Sciences (2)

Required Courses (outside Biology Department): 28 semester hours
CHM1310/1310Z General Chemistry I with laboratory (4)
CHM1320/1320Z General Chemistry II with laboratory (4)
CHM2410/2410Z Organic Chemistry I with laboratory (4)
CHM2420/2420Z Organic Chemistry II with laboratory (4)
PHY2210/2210Z General Physics I with laboratory (4)
PHY2220/2220Z General Physics II with laboratory (4)
COM1550 Professional Communication (4)

Required Courses (Mathematics):
One of the following mathematics courses, based on results of the Mathematics Competency Examination (4 semester hours)
MTH2120 Calculus for Management and Sciences (4)
MTH2210 Calculus I (4)
MTH2700 Statistics for Research (4)

Selected Courses: Minimum of four courses (16 semester hours)
BIO2280 Microbiology with laboratory (4)
*BIO2650 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (4)
BIO2660 Anatomy and Physiology I with laboratory (4)
BIO2670 Anatomy and Physiology II with laboratory (4)
BIO3040 Immunology (4)
BIO3100 Human Physiology (4)
BIO3150 Invertebrate Zoology (4)
BIO3250 Vertebrate Zoology (4)
BIO3260 Systematic Botany (4)
BIO3370 Conservation Biology (4)
BIO3450 Advanced Cell Biology (4)
BIO3510 Ecology (4)
BIO3520 Animal Behavior (4)
BIO3530 Evolution (4)
BIO/CHM3550 Biochemistry (4)
BIO3600 Molecular Biology (4)

Other courses which may be used up to a maximum of six semester hours from this group:
BIO2830; 3830; 4830 Directed Study (1–4)
BIO3940; 4940 Internship in Biology (2–4)
BIO3970 Research in Biology (1–4)
BIO3980, 4980 Independent Study (1–4)
BIO3790 ACCA Affiliated Course (2–4)

*Students will not receive credit for both BIO2650 (Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology) and BIO2660/2670 (Anatomy and Physiology I and II).