Alma Rodriguez Estrada, PhD

Assistant Professor of Biology
College of Arts and Sciences
Building and Room Location: Stephens Hall 214 A
Telephone: 630-844-5266
Email address:

Learning is one of the most enjoyable things humans do, since we are born and for our entire life. Learning opens our horizons and helps us to become knowledgeable individuals, thinkers and problem solvers. As much as I enjoy learning, I enjoy teaching and interacting with students in such a dynamic process.

PhD, Pennsylvania State University–University Park
MS, Pennsylvania State University–University Park
BS, Universidad Veracruzana–Cordoba

Areas of Specialty
Molectular biology
Mushroom cultivation
Plant pathology

Courses Taught
Humans and the Environment

Highlights of Publications
Rodriguez Estrada, A. E., Jonkers, W., Kistler, H. C. and May, G. 2012. Interactions between Fusarium verticillioides, Ustilago maydis, and Zea mays: An endophyte, a pathogen, and their shared plant host. Fungal Genetics and Biology. DOI. 10.1016/j.fgb.2012.05.001.

Jonkers, W., Rodriguez Estrada, A. E., Lee, K., Breakspear, A., May, G., Kistler, H.C. 2012. Metabolome and transcriptome of the interaction between Ustilago maydis and Fusarium verticillioides In Vitro. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 3656-3667.

Rodriguez Estrada, A. E., Hegeman, A., Kistler, H. C., and May, G. 2011. In vitro interactions between Fusarium verticillioides and Ustilago maydis through real-time PCR and metabolic profilling. Fungal Genetics and Biology 48: 874-885.

Rodriguez Estrada, A. E., Jimenez-Gasco, M. M., and Royse, D. J. 2010. Molecular phylogeny of the Pleurotus eryngii species complex based on partial tef1 and RPB2 genes. Mycological Research 114:421-428.

Rodriguez Estrada, A.E., Royse, D.J. and Jimenez-Gasco, M.M. 2009. Improvement of yield of Pleurotus eryngii var. eryngii by substrate supplementation and use of a casing overlay. Bioresource Technology 100:5270-5276.

Rodriguez Estrada, A. E., Lee, H. J., Beelman, R. B., Jimenez-Gasco, M. M. and Royse, D. J. 2009. Enhancement of the antioxidants ergothioneine and selenium in Pleurotus eryngii var. eryngii basidiomata through cultural practices. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. DOI 10.1007/s11274-009-0049-8.

Rodriguez Estrada, A.E. and Royse, D. J. 2007. Yield, size and bacterial blotch resistance of Pleurotus eryngii grown on cottonseed hulls/oak sawdust supplemented with manganese, copper and whole ground soybean. Bioresource Technology 98:1898–1906.

Professional Contributions
Treasurer. World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products (WSMBMP), 2008– present.