Minor Requirements — Bilingual/ESL Education

Acceptance into the School of Education, including passing the Basic Skills Tests and maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.75. In addition a) passing a FBI National Screening that encompasses passing a TB Test and successfully completing at least 24 semester hours; EDU2100 and EDU2260.

Required courses: 18 semester hours
EDU3110 Foundations for Language Minority Education (3)
EDU3120 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (3)
EDU3130 Cross Cultural Studies for Teaching ELLs(3)
EDU3140 Assessment of Bilingual Students (3)
EDU3150 Linguistics for Teaching English Language Learners (3)
EDU3170 Methods and Materials for Teaching ELLs in Bilingual Programs (3)

All 18 hours are required for an approval or endorsement in Bilingual/ESL Education. These can be used for a dual approval or endorsement if another language is spoken by the candidate.

  • The state approvals or endorsement for Bilingual/ESL Education require a valid Illinois teaching certificate.
  • To teach at middle school level, an endorsement in middle school is required in addition to the approval or endorsement requirements indicated above.
  • A final alternative for candidates is to take only the first three courses (EDU3110, EDU3130, EDU3150) in Bilingual/ESL Education which can result in an undergraduate “concentration” but not a minor and no approval or endorsement added to their teaching certificate. However, this group of courses would serve to establish a foundation to understand the needs and challenges faced by ELL students in U.S. classrooms. After graduation, students could complete the remaining three courses (EDU6120, EDU6170) at the graduate level to seek the bilingual and/or ESL Endorsement or approval.