Bilingual/English As A Second Language Education Minor

The minor in bilingual and/or English as a second language (ESL) education prepares teacher candidates to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs) in their classrooms. This minor is designed to help teacher candidates to meet state requirements for a Bilingual and/or ESL approval or endorsement at the elementary or secondary level. This makes the minor an endorsement program. It will also enable teacher candidates to enter the work force with a bilingual and/or ESL approval or endorsement in addition to their elementary or secondary education certificate achieved with the B.A./B.S.

The coursework meets the State of Illinois requirements of approval-endorsement work in an approved Bilingual Education, English as a Second Language and/or Dual Language Immersion Programs. It includes, throughout the coursework, 100 hours of clinical experience required by the State of Illinois for each approval or endorsement. To teach in a bilingual setting, students must also pass the State of Illinois Language Proficiency Test (LPT) in a target language.