Four-Year Plan

Bachelor of Science
2016-2017 Catalog Year

Download the 2016-2017 Four Year Plan

This 4-Year Plan is only a suggested guide for planning course selections.

Official course selections should be made with the guidance of an academic advisor and will depend on an individual student's situation.
Specific information regarding majors, minors, course descriptions, policies and procedures can be found in the university catalog.

Fall Spring
MTH1100: College Algebra 4

ATR1760: Athletic Training Practicum I

IDS1610: Being Human 4 ENG1000: Intro to Academic Writing 4
BIO1210: Biology of Cells 4 ATR1800: Responding to Emergencies 2
Creative and Artistic Expression or Culture and Civilizations 4 BIO2080: Nutrition and Health Promotion 4
Elective 4
ATR2050: Foundations of Athletic Training 2
Total Semester Hours  16 Total Semester Hours  17
IDS2020: Trajectories of Human History or IDS2030: Science and Society 4 ATR2760: Athletic Training Practicum III 2
BIO2660: Anatomy and Physiology I 4 BIO2670: Anatomy and Physiology II 4
Elective 1 ATR3510: Assessment of the Lower Extremity and Viscera and Lab 4
ATR2500: Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries/Illnesses 4 PED3210: Kinesiology for ATR, Fitness and Health Science 4
ATR2750: Athletic Training Practicum II 2
Total Semester Hours  15 Total Semester Hours  14
IDS3040: Global Justice 4 ATR3760: Athletic Training Practicum V 3
ATR3750: Athletic Training Practicum IV 3 ATR3550: Therapeutic Exercise and Lab 4
ATR3600: Therapeutic Modalities and Lab 4 ATR3200: Emergency Medical Response 4

ATR3530: Assessment of the Upper Extremity and Lab

4 PED3225: Physiology of Exercise for AT, Fitness and Health 4

IDS3500: Junior Mentoring Program I

0.5 IDS3550: Junior Mentoring Program II 0.5
Total Semester Hours  15.5 Total Semester Hours  15.5
ATR4750: Athletic Training Practicum VI 3

ATR4760: Athletic Training Practicum VII

ATR3500: Medical Aspects of Athletic Training 4 ATR4990: Senior Seminar/Board Certification Prep. 2
ATR4150: Administration of Athletic Training 4 PED3480: Sport Psychology 4
PED2550: Advanced Strength Training and Conditioning Certification Prep. 4 Creative and Artistic Expression or Culture and Civilizations 4
Total Semester Hours  15 Total Semester Hours  13

Major Notes

  • Physiology Minor satisfied as part of the Athletic Training Curriculum.
  • ATR majors should attempt to schedule morning and early afternoon classes to avoid conflicts with clinical rotations.

General Notes

  • Student must complete 30 semester hours at the 3000 level or above, of which 15 semester hours must be completed at Aurora University.
  • The last 24 semester hours of degree must be completed at AU, including at least 18 semester hours in the major.

If you have questions about this major, contact Kris Johnson in the Crouse Center for Student Success at (630) 844-6870.