Major Requirements - Art

These requirements will apply to students enrolling at AU in the 2017-2018 academic year. Current students can find the requirements that apply to them by consulting the relevant academic catalog.

Core Requirements: 28 semester hours
ART1210 Two-Dimensional Design (4)
ART1310 Three-Dimensional Design (4)
ART2100 Introduction to Drawing (4)
ART2500 Art History: Prehistoric to Medieval (4)
ART2600 Art History: Renaissance to Modern (4)
ART4990 Senior Seminar/Exhibit for Studio Art Emphasis (4)

Choice of:
ART2510 Introduction to Painting (4)
ART2610 Introduction to Sculpture (4)
ART2670 Introduction to Digital Photography (4)

Art Major Elective Courses (organized by emphasis)
Select 16 semester hours

Drawing Emphasis:
ART3110 Intermediate Drawing (4)
ART4100 Advanced Drawing (4)

Painting Emphasis:
ART2510 Introduction to Painting (4)
ART3510 Intermediate Painting (4)
ART4510 Advanced Painting (4)

Photography Emphasis:
ART2670 Introduction to Digital Photography (4)
ART3400 Intermediate Digital Photography (4)
ART3540 Photography and Society (4)
ART4400 Advanced Digital Photography (4)

Sculpture Emphasis:
ART2610 Introduction to Sculpture (4)
ART3200 Intermediate Sculpture (4)
ART4200 Advanced Sculpture (4)

Art History Emphasis:
ART2530 Introduction to Native American Art (4)
ART/PHL2700 Art and Philosophy (4)
ART/HIS3360 Renaissance, Renovation and Revival (4)
ART/REL3450 Icons and Idols: Critical Approaches to Religious Art (4)
ART3450 Photography and Society (4)