May Term 2012 — Mul Ne and Saigon, Vietnam

IDS2880-01 Travel/Study: Social Entrepreneurship: Servant Leadership in Action

4 semester hours total (2 semester hours in 2012 Spring Semester, Module 1)

This course will explore the essence of servant leadership through reading, reflection and dialogue, as well as applying these skills to the organization of a service initiative. This unique offering will manifest as a partnership in learning between students and professor, to be supported by source materials prescribed by the instructor as well as proposed by students. The philosophy of leading via service will be examined from the perspective of the classic humanities through current theory, with the focus also to be directed in part by the individual disciplines and interests of the students. This course will meet in the spring term (module 1) to organize and execute fundraising endeavors, and prepare for service-oriented travel within the May term. While abroad, students will engage in service during the day, and visit cultural sites and participate in activities such as language and cooking lessons in the evenings. The service activities will likely involve care giving for abandoned and/or disabled children or adults.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor. Concurrent registration in Spring 2012 Module 1 and May Term 2012. The course will be offered for 2 semester hours in 12/S1 and 2 semester hours in May Term 2012.

Mary Tarling

On-campus meetings:
Spring Semester, Module 1 Tuesdays/Thursdays from 8:00 – 9:45 a.m.

Approximate Trip Dates:
May 12 – 21, 2012

Trip costs: 
$2,400 includes airfare, board and lodging as well as miscellaneous travel costs in addition to tuition of $950 for May Term.

Trip deposit: 
$250 due December 1, 2011.