May Term 2014: Social Practice in Costa Rica

SWK3880-02/SWK6880-02  Travel/Study: Social Practice in Costa Rica: Language and Cultural Immersion                                                        
3 semester hours

Students will spend 12 days in Costa Rica learning about the Latin American society and how to effectively communicate to Spanish speaking populations. Students will actively learn about how social work services are practiced in Latin America by visiting local schools, volunteering in the community and attending presentations given by social work providers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in local cultural activities and recreation. Course objectives include: Students will increase their knowledge of Latino culture by taking language and cultural courses taught by native Costa Ricans and/or native Spanishspeakers; students will improve their Spanish language skills, and apply what they learned directly in Costa Rica with Costa Rican teachers, in professional agencies and public schools; students will learn how to communicate in Spanish particularly as it pertains to social work settings; students will develop their existing social work skill set with Costa Rican populations; students will practice social work theory and research in the context of professional agencies in Costa Rica; upon their return to the United States, students will apply their knowledge of  Latino culture to their Latino clientele including being able to better communicate, both written and verbally, with their Spanish-speaking clients.

Students will be staying at a hotel in a developing country and working in centers that are not ADA accessible. Valid and current passport at the time of course registration, Hepatitis A vaccination series completed prior to departure, and must be able to hike three miles in hot and humid conditions.

Instructor: Dr. Kristie Brendel

Course dates/times: Friday, April 25 from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Trip dates:  May 5-17, 2014

Costs: Approximate travel costs and fees: $2,998 to include airfare, board and lodging, ground transportation, weekend trips, in addition to undergraduate tuition of $1,470 or graduate tuition of $1,725.