Tips for Academic Success

Develop Organization and Time Management Strategies.

  • Read chapters before class.

Attend Class!

  • Develop the habit of being present and participating in class.

Take Good Notes.

  • Use the margins to annotate key points, connections, and questions.

Develop Effective Exam Strategies.

  • Answer the questions you know first.


  • Review your notes before and after class.

Develop Your Writing Skills.

  • Use the writing tutors

Get to Know Your Instructors.

  • Visit your instructors during their office hours.

Work Together.

  • Form study groups for each class.

Visit Your Academic Advisor.

  • See your advisor on a regular basis.

Review your syllabus on a daily basis for assignment due dates.

  • Complete Assigned Readings on Time

Note: Confidential information will not be given online. All advising questions are answered by Crouse Center student interns.