Master of Arts in Science Education

This program is designed to equip the secondary science teachers with the science content and science education pedagogy needed to excite and instill a passion for science in our next generation of learners.  Secondary teachers who seek to increase their knowledge of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in biology, chemistry, physical science, and earth and space science will learn new ways to work with students in the classroom and meet the Next Generation Science Standards. The program is designed to deliver teaching methods alongside content knowledge in physical, life, earth and space sciences.  The courses have been integrated to demonstrate the interconnected nature of STEM fields and are designed so that teachers can experiment with at-home laboratories and take these ideas directly to the classroom. Scientific and engineering practices will be introduced in courses of field study and technology in the classroom.  Overall, the program is designed to explore how humans scientifically study the natural world and its universe while considering cause and effect relationships between humans, technology, and their environment.