Michael R. Marvel, Ph.D.

Assistant ProfessorMarvel of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences

Office Location: Stephens Hall, Room 218A
Telephone: 630-844-5638
Email Address: mmarvel@aurora.edu

I believe that every student at AU has the ability to achieve their goals. It is the duty of the faculty to remind students of their potential and assist them in fulfilling it. I often tell my students that I want them all to earn A's in my classes, and that if they work hard enough, they can. It is my hope that they carry this message with them when they leave AU to become doctors, nurses, teachers, or anything else they desire.

Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry - Northwestern University
B.A. Chemistry - Connecticut College

Areas of Specialization
Inorganic/Materials Chemistry

Courses Taught
Science Foundations
Principles of Chemistry
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry II

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions

    "Cation-Anion Interactions and Polar Structures in the Solid State," Marvel, M. R., Lesage, J., Baek, J., Halasyamani, P. Shiv., Stern, C. L., Poeppelmeier, K. R., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2007, 129(45), 13963-13969.

    "Optical Floating Zone Growth of  -BaB2O4 from a LiBa2B5O10-Based Solvent," Pan, S., Smit, J. P., Lanier, C. H., Marvel, M. R., Marks, L. D., Poeppelmeier, K. R., Cryst. Growth and Des., 2007, 7(8), 1561-1564.

    "Structure and Magnetic Properties of Pb2Cu3B4O11: A New Copper Borate Featuring [Cu3O8]10- Units," Pan, S., Watkins, B., Smit, J. P., Marvel, M. R., Saratovsky, I., Poeppelmeier, K. R., Inorg. Chem., 2007, 46(10), 3851-3855.

    "Synthesis, Crystal Structure and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Li6CuB4O10: a Congruently Melting Compound with Isolated [CuB4O10]6- Units," Pan, S., Smit, J. P., Watkins, B., Marvel, M. R., Stern, C. L., Poeppelmeier, K. R., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2006, 128(35), 11631-11634.

    "Synthesis, Structure, and Properties of Pb2CuB2O6," Pan, S., Smit, J. P., Marvel, M. R., Stern, C. L., Watkins, B., Poeppelmeier, K. R., Mater. Res. Bull., 2006, 41(5) 916-924.

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Science Club Advisor, 2008 - Present

Other Interests