Kristen Campbell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematicsphoto
College of Arts and Sciences

Office Location: Philips Library, Room 204
Telephone: 630-844-5639
Email Address:

I am currently completing the last of the corrections on my thesis for the completion of my doctorate at NIU.  I expect to graduate in December of this year.  After 7 years of working toward the degree, I am currently catching up on reading novels by my favorite authors (mostly mystery and sci fi, but also historical fiction), and learning how to cook something under than mac and cheese and hamburger helper.

M.S. - Mathematics - Northern Illinois University
B.S. - Anthropology - Northern Illinois University

Areas of Specialization
Analytic number theory with an emphasis in q-hypergeometric series, q-continued fractions, and orthogonal polynomials.

Courses Taught
Math for Elementary Education Majors II
Calculus I
Discrete Mathematics

Highlights of Publications, Honors and Professional Contributions:
January 2009 - Joint Mathematics Meetings, Washington DC. Characterizing Limits of Analytic Continued Fractions
April 2008 - Mathematical Abundance Conference, Illinois State University. Base Inversion in Certain Classes of q-continued Fractions
July 2007 - Women's Studies Association National Meeting, St. Charles, IL - A discussion of the success of the Women in Calculus program at NIU

Highlights of Campus Involvement
Leadership of the School of Nursing from 2006 - Present

Other Interests
Knitting, crochet, and weaving
Any and all Science Fiction/Fantasy shows, no matter how bad