Learning Outcomes — Master of Science in Nursing

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program. Please contact the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies at 630-844-8955 for additional information.

Upon completion of the program, MSN graduates will be able to:

  1. Synthesize nursing and scientific theories, concepts and theoretical models to strategically manage micro- or macro-health systems, and/or to develop and implement educational curricula and teaching strategies.
  2. Understand and analyze the social justice, economic, ethical, legal and cultural sensitivity influences on nursing practice and education.
  3. Champion ethical decision-making and social justice in all aspects of practice with self, patient, family, community, groups, health-care delivery systems and educational systems.
  4. Demonstrate expanded expertise within the area of clinical specialization, including the application of advanced pathophysiological, pharmacological and physical assessment knowledge and skills to improve patient outcomes.
  5. Demonstrate competence within the areas of nursing administration or nursing education and plan for continued life-long learning and professional growth for self and others.
  6. Critically utilize research to effect evidence-based nursing practice and/or evidence-based nursing education with the intention to improve the quality of patient care, patient safety and patient outcomes.
  7. Utilize collaborative skills as a leader and change agent in the health-care, educational and professional arenas, enhancing the delivery of health care and influencing health policy.
  8. Develop and implement transformational leadership and teaching strategies for the improvement of health-care and nursing education.
  9. Exhibit an understanding of complex organizational systems and demonstrate the ability to use relevant theory to design, deliver and evaluate health care and/or education at the micro-system level.
  10. Expand one's philosophy of nursing to include a well-developed philosophy of nursing administration or nursing education.
  11. Develop a level of scholarship that lays the foundation for doctoral study.