MSN Bridge Program

We are not currently accepting new applications for this program. Please contact the Center for Adult and Graduate Studies at 630-844-8955 for additional information.

The Master of Science in Nursing bridge option is designed for registered nurses (RNs) who hold an associate degree in nursing (ADN), combined with a bachelor's degree in a field outside of nursing. The program allows you to directly enter a graduate-level nursing program without needing to complete a second bachelor's degree. When you successfully complete the bridge courses with a GPA of 3.0 or better, you will qualify for admission to the Master of Science in Nursing program. Students can complete both the bridge program and the MSN program in three years.

Program Overview
The MSN bridge program includes:

  • Prerequisite courses in statistics and upper-level research. You can show proof of previous college-level courses in these subjects or take these courses simultaneously with the required bridge courses.
  • 12 semester hours of required courses, including:
    • NUR 3030 Dimensions of Professional Practice (4)
    • NUR 3280 Health Assessment, Education and Promotion (4) (Successful completion of the Department Challenge Exam for NUR 3280/Z fulfills the requirement for the class, though semester hour credit is not awarded for the course.)
    • NUR 4850 Nursing: A Community Outlook (4)

The Master of Science in Nursing bridge program is also offered at Woodstock Center and through AU Online.

Master of Science in Nursing
Once you have completed the MSN bridge program, with a GPA of 3.0 or above, you will begin the Master of Science in Nursing program at AU. The MSN degree includes:

  • 36 semester hours, including 26 semester hours of core classes (including 4 semester hours of thesis or research project) and 10 semester hours of a specialization.
  • Option to choose a specialization in either Administration or Nursing Education.