Learning Outcomes —Master of Arts in Teaching Certification

Candidates will have the ability to:

  • Understand and intelligently discuss philosophical issues and provide critical analyses of written work.
  • Thoughtfully and respectfully reflect and critique the views of others and articulate alternative perspectives to them.
  • Make effective oral presentations.
  • Write effectively using the process model of drafting, editing and revising.
  • Identify and thoughtfully respond to issues of concern for novice teachers.
  • Use technology for research and as a resource to demonstrate learning outcomes.
  • Collaborate in a small group as an effective contributor, as well as a presenter and co-leader for a group presentation.
  • Address the needs of English Language Learners in oral and written assignments.
  • Use technology to facilitate a successful learning experience, i.e. LiveText, United Streaming, Moodle, Turnitin, AU library resources (including those online), Web resources, etc.
  • Integrate course content and experiences into an ongoing Professional Teaching Portfolio.
  • Exhibit appropriate dispositions as listed in the Initial Certification Programs Disposition Summary.