Master of Arts in Leadership for Service

The Master of Arts in Leadership for Service (MALS) is grounded in the philosophy of servant leadership. The program is open to individuals in every field and is designed to give students the practical tools and interpersonal understanding needed to be effective, ethical leaders.

Applications to this program are no longer accepted.

The program prepares professionals to:

  • Identify internal talents and strategies to motivate performance.
  • Approach problem analysis and decision-making skills with a multidisciplinary perspective, guided by ethics.
  • Promote the use of coaching as a model for empowering staff throughout an organization.
  • Inspire continuous learning as a catalyst for creative problem solving.
  • Demonstrate wise stewardship of all resources.
  • Foster integrity by intentionally aligning actions with values.
  • Motivate leaders to build organizations that serve the greater good, while meeting goals and generating profits.

The interdisciplinary graduate program encourages participants to analyze their own leadership styles and apply the principles of servant leadership to their chosen field. To that end, some classroom experiences are complemented with retreats at the George Williams College campus in Wisconsin. Located on the shores of Geneva Lake, this unique environment offers a serene setting for introspection and renewal.

The MALS degree prepares graduates for higher leadership and executive positions in private, public and not-for-profit organizations. Ultimately, our students create positive change in the world as they devote their lives and careers to meeting the needs of others.